The Holy Sol Temple

The Holy Sol Temple.

The Holy Sol Temple (聖陽教会, Seiyō Kyōkai) is a church where Sisters and Priests worship the Sun God. It was originally one of the three organisations that formed the Special Fire Brigade and as such, the 1st Special Fire Brigade is vastly composed of members from the organisation.

Appearance Edit

The original church was a wide brick-built construction that resembles an old-fashioned church. On one side was a large tower, while the rest of the construction is one large sector. There was multiple windows spread out across the church. Outside the church seems to be a rural area with trees and windmills.

History Edit

The Holy Sol Temple burning

The temple burning.

Some time after Hibana and Iris joined, the church caught fire and incinerated all the sisters except for the pair. In Year 198, the priest of The Holy Sol Temple and two other church members attended the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, alongside other important figures.

Trivia Edit

  • The known names of sisters who have attended The Holy Sol Temple are all based around flowers.

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