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The Meaning of Protecting
Chapter 70
Previous Chapter 69
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Chapter Info
Japanese 守るということ
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 70
Pages 18
No new characters
Crimson Barrett

The Meaning of Protecting (守るということ, Mamoru to Iu Koto) is the seventieth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

At the 5th Special Fire Fighting Industrial Complex, the 3 Angels of the 5th confirm with Hibana that the 8th have made their way to the Netherworld, to which Hibana hopes for Akitaru's safety. Back in the depths of the Netherworld, Vulcan is happy to see Lisa, while she questions why he is wearing the uniform of the organization that he hated so much. Vulcan returns with a compliment, stating Lisa looks beautiful in whatever she wears, making her blush. Vulcan declares he came all the way down to find Lisa, making her blush even more. The sweet serene atmosphere suddenly turns sinister, as Giovanni wraps his cloak around Lisa, manipulating her with his evil words, reminding her of the mission she carries. Overwhelmed by his words and presence, Lisa, now referring to herself as "Feeler", immediately goes on the attack, growing huge flaming tentacles. Aiming at Vulcan, he is luckily spared, as Akitaru used the magnetic extinguishing ball to block the flames. Akitaru lets Giovanni know of his resentment toward him, but Giovanni calls him an ignorant man, not knowing anything about the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. He goes on to explain that the Preacher had taught them everything they knew, including the reason for the phenomenon, the identity of the Bug, the secret of the Adora Burst, and what happened to the world years before. Akitaru calls the Preacher a bad teacher as he lowers his face-shield, and Giovanni calls the Commander interesting. Elsewhere, Assault tells the girls to stay where they are, and makes a praying stance, making Tamaki think back to how Rekka made that same stance. The man creates a fire under his arm, and Tamaki goes in for the attack using her Nekomata; but Assault dodges and knocks her away with the rocket. While she's down, he assaults her with a flurry of more fiery rockets, claiming that he will end her quickly. Startled, Tamaki thinks back to just before the 8th left to go to the Nether, when Shinra says that whenever she's in trouble to call his name and he'll rescue her, but Tamaki says that she can protect herself. Motivated, she prepares to attack Assault with full strength and protect Iris from him.

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