The Night Before the Battle of Asakusa
Chapter 40
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Chapter Info
Japanese 浅草開戦前夜
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 40
Pages 19
Volume Sparks of Truth
Release Info
Japan July 20, 2016
English August 22, 2017
No new characters
No new techniques

The Night Before the Battle of Asakusa (浅草開戦前夜, Asakusa Kaisen Zenya) is the fortieth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

After Kantarō's burial ceremony, the Special Fire Force Company 8 helped the 7th Brigade reconstruct some of the buildings that were destroyed. In the headquarters of the White Hoods, Rekka Hoshimiya's killer is seen talking with other members of the organization, and orders them to prepare the Bug and mechanism. At night, after the brigades finished repairing the buildings, Benimaru aids Konro's wounds. Hinata and Hikage burst in with Shinra following, with the two moaning at Shinra. Konro thanks Shinra for helping with the reconstructing and putting up with the two girls. Before leaving, Shinra says he likes playing with children, much to their annoyance for being called children. After taking a closer look, the boy spots the wounds over Konro's body, and then leaves. Konro reassures to Benimaru that the 8th Brigade are different from other brigades, and that perhaps the 7th should collaborate with them, and Benimaru finally agrees. Benimaru walks out looking for Akitaru to speak about collaborating, and comes across Shinra. The Fire Officer apologizes about their earlier argument, and questions Konro's well-being. Benimaru explains that Konro has Ash Disease. After, the Battalion Commander ventures to find Akitaru. He hears two people talking down an alley, saying that Kantarō was most certainly an artificial Flame Human, and that they will create more artificial Flame Humans. As Benimaru looks to see who it is talking, he spots Akitaru and Hinawa.

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