The One-Shot Saber
Chapter 74
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Chapter Info
Japanese 一閃の太刀
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 74
Pages 18
No new characters
No new techniques

The One-Shot Saber (一閃の太刀, Issen no Tachi) is the seventy-fourth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Mirage and Jonah look ahead as a head pops out of a pile of bricks, with the pony-tail wiggling. Arthur pops out of the bricks, proudly claiming the knight has arrived. Hinawa thinks back to when he saw somebody peeking through the ceiling, hence why he blew down the ceiling, despite knowing it was actually Arthur. Realizing the situation, Arthur prepares his attack, while Mirage creates a mist. Multiple silhouettes appear throughout the mist, and Arthur is annoyed by Mirage's lack of creativity in battle, linking it back to their previous battle. Mirage comes in from behind Arthur, knife in hand and aiming for his back, but Arthur doesn't make a move. Instead, he understands in himself that it was a mirage of the real body, hence the knife passes through him. Mirage is surprised by this. Arthur thinks back to his training with Benimaru and Konro, when they taught him to be able to sense life while in battle. Arthur claims he now has the ability of a samurai, a double profession, and holds his sword in a samurai stance. Arthur understands that what the eyes see isn't everything. Mirage is shocked by his continuous attacks on the knight-samurai that are not effective, and goes in for a horde of attacks with multiple clones. And yet, Arthur continues to stand there patiently, waiting for the right moment. There, sensing life, Arthur pulls out his sword for the first time, making one powerful swing, so fine that it cut the pillars in the room without making them fall. Not long after, behind Hinawa who was nearly also hit by the swing, the real Mirage appears, damaged heavily by Arthur's sword. Mirage's true intention was to take down Hinawa while he was down, Arthur calling him a cheat. Moving on, they 8th due talk about Jonah who was with Mirage but has disappeared, taking note that he didn't look like a human, and his face looking artificial. They leave to reunite with the rest of the 8th. Elsewhere, Vulcan and Akitaru are caught in Lisa's tentacles.

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