The Pride of a Fire Soldier
Chapter 75
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Japanese 消防官の誇り
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 75
Pages 18
No new characters
No new techniques

The Pride of a Fire Soldier (消防官の誇り, Shōbōkan no Hokori) is the seventy-fifth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Captured in Lisa's flames, Akitaru stays strong-minded and declares he will save her from Giovanni. The previous 3rd Brigade Commander begins talking about the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon, saying Lisa gained her ability through compatibility with the Bug. She claims that the flames saved her from her fear and after she had lost her parents from Flame Humans, but Vulcan and Akitaru persist that Giovanni is simply tricking and manipulating her into acting out his will. Akitaru fights through the flames, using a extinguishing grenade, and pulls out an axe attempting to attack Giovanni, but is hit by one of Lisa's tentacles. Soon after, Giovanni begins to explain the concept of phototaxis and how the burning of human bodies strangely relates to the relationship between the Bug and flames. He goes on to explain more, but after a moment of silence, something begins to pop out of his cloak, revealing a large mechanical face that resembles his own, screaming "I won't telling you", and quickly pops back in his cloak. Akitaru pulls out a fire extinguisher, and sprays it across Lisa's tentacles, but continues to get whipped. Akitaru questions Lisa, asking whether the flames are actually protecting her when she looks so insecure, to which she says she isn't. After being whipped by all her tentacles, Akitaru shouts out that Fire Soldiers will always be there to protect others, and clicks a button, revealing that he had attached extinguishing grenades to all her tentacles, to which they all perish, and Lisa falls from the sky. Looking down, she sees Giovanni not even looking at her, proving his carelessness for her. In that moment, it seems she gives up on life, but it doesn't take long for Vulcan to swoop in and catch her, to which she begins to tear up. Giovanni then looms over her with a heart-striking appearance, claiming that she is making a mistake.

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