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The Rookie Fire Soldier Games

Chapter 5 English

Chapter 05

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Chapter Info
Japanese 消防官新人大会
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 05
Pages 18
Volume Fire Walk with Me
Release Info
Japan October 28, 2015
English November 8, 2016
Leonardo Burns
No new techniques

The Rookie Fire Soldier Games (消防官新人大会, Shōbōkan Shinjin Taikai) is the fifth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

The Rookie Fire Soldier Games begin, where Shinra meets Tamaki and gets infatuated by her revealing looks, but is pushed away by the girl's vulgar personality. In the meantime, Maki gets fascinated after seeing Mamoru, Q and Race — the mascots of The Fire Defense Agency, also known as 119. Arthur then claims that Mamoru looks like a geezer, and not a dog, but Maki corrects him, saying that the animal was modified. She then informs both Shinra and Arthur of the other spectators, among which are the president of the Haijima Industries and the priest of The Holy Sol Temple. Shinra, however, tells her that he's more concerned with a stern-looking man in the crowd. Later, Shinra meets the man from the Special Fire Force Company 1 who helped rescue him in the past, and approaches him. The boy introduces himself, but the man just shoots him down and leaves. Shinra attempts to catch up to him, but is interrupted by Tamaki, whom Shinra accidentally gropes, leaving her with an attempt to slap the boy. Shinra pleads the man for his time, while Tamaki bumps into Arthur, embracing him, then pushing him away for supposedly being a pervert. In doing so, she bums into three other guys and then again into Shinra, which causes him to grope the girl yet again. The announcer informs the contestants to gather up, which leads to the man telling Shinra that he doesn't remember anything and that he should just get ready for the competition, which makes Shinra wonder if the man is hiding something. The competition starts, with the mission of the contestants being to siege a building, save those in need of saving and combat the Infernal inside. Shinra wonders about the abilities of each Fire Soldier, reminding himself that their abilities were checked before the competition. A man gives the signal for the contestants to start, which leads to Shinra using his powers to jump onto the building with ease. Tamaki uses Nekomata to substantially increase her mobility in order to catch up to the boy. Shinra ventures inside, where he sees a fallen man and a stranger inside, who appears to know about Shinra's past.

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