The String-Puller
Chapter 54
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Japanese 暗躍する者
Arc Vulcan's Workshop arc
Chapter 54
Pages 20
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Japan November 1, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

The String-Puller (暗躍する者, Anyaku-suru Mono) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

From inside Vulcan's workshop, Arthur watches Giovanni, wondering why he wears such a weird hat--ignoring his weird mask. Shinra instead wonders why Vulcan associates with the Special Fire Force Company 3 if he just said he hates Haijima Industries and Fire Brigades. Outside, in the junkyard, Giovanni implies he was the one to cut off Vulcan's supplies and threatens to do worse unless Vulcan offer his services to him. Vulcan accuses Giovanni of turning his father and uncle into Flame Humans. Giovanni departs, but not before telling Vulcan that his dream, to help the world's animals, is foolish, when he could use his skills to help people right now. Shinra and Arthur struggle to listen in on Giovanni and Vulcan, too far away to hear but not risking getting closer and being spotted. As they talk, they give each other nicknames with a dialect similar to that of people from Asakusa--which makes Iris jealous that she did not go on the mission. Later, Vulcan sees the members of Company 8 are still in his workshop and demands they leave, as he says his problems have nothing to do with the 8th. Shinra disagrees, saying that if Company 3 is going after Vulcan, then the 8th has to step in as internal affairs, to be a check on the other brigades. Vulcan and Shinra are interrupted by a stuffed squirrel having its head pop up, and something leaking out between its legs. Arthur holds the squirrel--and keeps holding it, as it leaks everywhere. At the same time, Iris is pressing random buttons, ostensibly to turn on the air conditioning, but only making objects in Vulcan's lab shoot off. Vulcan explains that is what machines should do anyway, but when Iris holds a certain orb, Vulcan snatches it and tells her not to touch it. After she apologizes, Vulcan calms down and laughs, thinking the 8th is too silly to be like other brigades. He refuses to join but says he has to show them something to report back to their commander. He takes them outside and turns on the orb, which release fog on which to project images of the extinct animals around the world. Arthur is impressed, and Iris is driven to tears. Vulcan explains his dream is to design a new energy source that will do less harm to the world, and let the animals thrive again. Shinra smiles, realizing that Commander Ōbi was right: Vulcan's idealism is just what the 8th brigade needs.

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