The Strongest Hikeshi
Chapter 39
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Japanese 最強の火消し
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 39
Pages 20
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Japan July 13, 2016
No new characters
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The Strongest Hikeshi (最強の火消し, Saikyou no Hikeshi) is the thirty-ninth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

As Company 8 show up suddenly at the 7th Special Fire Fighting Station wishing to speak to Benimaru, the Commander questions their reason on coming. After explaining, Benimaru speaks of his disinterest in the matters that the the emperor orders each of the brigades to do, to which Shinra starts arguing with him for his tendancy to not do anything. Soon after, people in the streets are heard shouting that there's a fire, and that Kantarō has become a Flame Human. Benimaru leaves to deal with the situation, and tells the 8th to be gone by the time he gets back. Shinra and the others prepare to watch Benimaru take action. The Commander readies his matois, igniting one and thrusting it toward a row of houses, destroying four or five of them, shocking everyone. He then grabs another and uses it to fly toward his destination. While still in the air, other members throw up some matoi toward Benimaru, and he ignites them all, and directs all of the flags to even more houses that he destroys. As Shinra questions what his ability is, Konro informs everyone on the fact that Benimaru is both a Second and Third Generation. The Commander then confronts the Flame Human, pointing out the destruction that has occurred, and then quickly purifies the Flame Human, saying it done a good job for withstanding the pain for so long. An old lady informs Shinra that the citizens don't mind Benimaru destroying the area because it is their sort of way for praying for the soul of a Flame Human, and the people want to be killed by Benimaru if they're going to die anyhow, because they see him as a gentle man. The commander then walks back to the Station, and eats some of the daifuku, saying it's too sweet.

Trivia Edit

  • The kanji used for "fireman" (火消し) in the name of the chapter refers to what firemen were called in the edo period, the period between 1603 and 1868 in the history of Japan.

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