The Whereabouts of the White-Clad
Chapter 38
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Chapter Info
Japanese 白づくめの行方
Arc Preacher Pursuit arc
Chapter 38
Pages 20
Release Info
Japan July 6, 2016
No new techniques

The Whereabouts of the White-Clad (白づくめの行方, Shiro Zukume No Yuku-e) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

Akitaru resolves that he wants to create a Special Fire Brigade and that he wants Takehisa to join. Two years later, the two gather at the 8th Special Fire Fighting Church, stating this'll be their new headquarters. As Takehisa ridicules Akitaru for deceiving him into joining, promising the brigade would have incredible members and he would get a pay raise, he states he knows of somebody who would be a fitting match for the brigade, referring to Maki, to which the flashback ends and Maki blushes. Shinra, feeling he had to be honest with everyone, tells them about his encounter with Joker. Soon after, the brigade looks over the report of their first ever mission. Takehisa recollects that the victim was wearing purely white clothes, and that there was a red cross in the remains, and after a company that was located in Asakusa came to collect the remains, though none of them were related to the victims family. Later on, in Asakusa, Benimaru Shinmon the Battalion Commander of the 7th Special Fire Brigade is seen walking through the streets, being greeted by Kantarō and other people. He soon arrives at the 7th Special Fire Fighting Station, giving the daifuku he received from an old lady to Hinata and Hikage. Konro informs Benimaru that the 8th had contacted them about paying a visit, but Benimaru states his disinterest in any of their affairs. A 7th brigade member bursts through the curtain door, claiming that they have arrived, with Akitaru and the rest greeting the unhappy Battalion Commander.

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