To the Netherworld
Chapter 67
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Japanese 地下ネザーへの
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 67
Pages 18
Hitohashira Me
No new techniques

To the Netherworld (地下ネザーへの, Nezā he no) is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

In a flashback, a young Shinra is playing with some toys, leaving some unused ones on the ground. Shinra's mother walks by, asking the boy to pick them up and move them out the way, to which he cheekily replies he'll do it later. Bending down on her knees, she whispers in his ear that naughty boys get sent to the Netherworld, to which he jumps up and tidies the toys quickly. He blushes, and says he isn't afraid of the Nether, confidently stating that if his little brother Shō got taken there, he'd protect him. Back to the future, Akitaru and Licht tell the other members of the 8th that they've discovered that the Ash Flame Chivalric Order were hiding within the Netherworld, explaining that it is considered a land of taboo that no one should ever go to. Furthermore, Licht explains that much of it was destroyed by the Great Global Flame Disaster, though few rail-road tunnels survived. Akitaru states they will leave the next day and reiterates the danger that lurks within the Nether, giving off a tense atmosphere, but lightens it by saying they will retrieve Shō, to which Shinra agrees. Later on when everyone is in bed, Shinra is dreaming of himself naked, surrounded by flames; and spots a naked female with long flowing white hair nearby, questioning who it is. Back in the office, Hinawa notices a small earthquake occurs, to which Akitaru states they've been happening a lot recently. The next day, Vulcan and Victor are seen together with their Special Fire Force brigade uniforms on, joining them on their quest, and so they make it a move. Arriving at a huge door with masses of foliage covering it, and the Special Fire Force symbol across the whole door. As they walk to the door, Arthur asks Shinra if he's scared, to which he thinks back to the memory with his mother, but stating he isn't scared now. Maki and Tamaki seem to be the only ones who're openly showing their fear. Iris says a prayer, and the door suddenly starts to open slowly and mysteriously. Though it turns out Vulcan pressed a switch that opens the door. Taking their first steps gently, they tread further into what seems to be pure darkness. Out of nowhere, they hear a cry for help from deep within. Then, Princess Hibana reaches out of the darkness toward the 8th, telling them not to come in.

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