Tokyo, in Year 198.

Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is a large industrial metropolis, made up of various different districts.

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Tokyo is a large industrial city, divided into separate districts. It holds several different train stations, which include the Tabata (田端, Tabata) and Komagome (駒込, Komagome) stations, for traveling. All the Special Fire Brigades are located within the city, and are tasked to deal with situations involving Flame Human.[1]

Many years ago, flames erupted around the world, causing calamity to the point continents being ripped apart and not being hospitable, while Tokyo is the only place left that can hold a civilization. Thanks to The Holy Sol Temple and Haijima Industries building the Amaterasu together, an abundance of power was at their service to use across the empire, allowing more people to migrate to Tokyo. It also became more common to put one's given name in front of their family name, except in Asakusa, where they don't utilize the power of Amaterasu.

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Asakusa District.

Torigoe District (鳥越地区, Torigoe Chiku) is an urban area within Tokyo. The Kawaguchi Metal Fittings Corporation is located in this district.[2]

Iriya District (入谷地区, Iriya Chiku) is a quiet neighbourhood within Tokyo. Mikako's residence was located there, before the building's destruction.[3]

Shinjuku District (新宿地区, Shinjuku Chiku) is the area that the 1st Special Fire Brigade are in charge of. The 1st Special Fire Fighting Cathedral is situated in this district.

Asakusa District (浅草地区, Asakusa Chiku) is the area that the 7th Special Fire Brigade are in charge of. The 7th Special Fire Fighting Station is situated in this district.

Trivia Edit

  • This city shares its name with its real-world counterpart, Tokyo, in Japan.
  • Both "Tataba" and "Komagome" stations are directly based on the real-world Tabata and Komagome stations. Several other buildings in the city are also direct inspirations of real-world buildings.

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