Victor Licht Edit
Character Info
Kanji ヴィクトル・リヒト
Romaji Vuikutoru Rihito
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Technical Info
Birth Date March 14th
Age 23
Height 187 cm
Weight 72 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Industries
8th Special Fire Brigade
Occupation Scientist
Manga The Sinister Blasphemer

Victor Licht (ヴィクトル・リヒト, Vuikutoru Rihito) is the head of incendiary research at Haijima Industries,[1] and the scientist of Special Fire Force Company 8.

Appearance Edit

Victor Licht's appearance

Victor's appearance.

Victor is a young man with a large, dark-colored curly afro, and drowsy, large eyes. His dark green eyes seem to lack pupils. He normally dons a long white lab coat, with a red and white horizontally-striped vest underneath, dark trousers and white shoes.

After joining Company 8, Victor begins wearing the standard bunker gear of the Special Fire Force, although he does not wear a protective helmet at first.[2]

Personality Edit

Victor is said to be a mad scientist, and is a self-described weirdo.[3][4]. He is interested in the matters of the Special Fire Forces, as he personally looked into Akitaru Ōbi's life before he became a Fire Soldier and attended the Rookie Fire Soldier Games as a spectator. As a scientist, Victor is deeply interested in the Adolla Burst, going as far as crawling on the floor and grabbing Shinra Kusakabe's feet to get a closer look. Though somewhat creepy due to his attitude and manic smile, Licht is an intelligent, meticulous and curious man. While viewed as incredibly suspicious by many, Licht is committed to the search for the truth above all else. Dissatisfied if the answers given by the church, he wishes to understand the world around him. As a result, attempts to hide the truth from the public will force him into action. Licht has also impiled that he ultimately aims to become a famous scientist, to the point he is willing to hide potentially vital information from his allies to ensure he alone is responsible for his discoveries.[5]

Abilities Edit

Licht seemingly lacks any ignition abilities. However he is incredibly intelligent. Possessing a tremendous knowledge of chemistry as he created an explosive from Infernal Remains[6] and able to analyse abilities he cannot fully visualise.[7] He was also able provide an escape route for Joker during the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, showing a level of careful planning and forethought from Licht. His planing ability makes him vital to the Fire Force's efforts to combat both Infernals and large fires.[8]

Background Edit

Victor attended the Imperial University of Tokyo, where he wrote a thesis about the Spontaneous Human Combustion.[9] After graduating at the top of his class in record time, he joined Haijima Industries. Having locked himself away while doing research, he was eventually appointed head of incendiary research and published a thesis about Spontaneous Human Combustion.[10] Joker eventually made contact with Victor, and told him he wanted to uncover the truth behind what is happening in the world.[11]

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Joker Receives Powder

Joker collecting the Powder Medicine from Victor.

Victor provides Joker with jars of explosive substance, which is later used to disrupt and intimidate the Special Fire Force Company 8 in the Iriya District.[12] Later on, he spectates the Rookie Fire Soldier Games in the stands, alongside other important guests. The following day, Victor and Joker have a discussion about the events of the tournament and research on Special Fire Force Company 8.

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

During a meeting of all the Special Fire Force Battalion Commanders and Raffles III, Victor asks Joker if he can hear the conference. Following the meeting, the Tokyo Empire orders Haijima Industries scientists to join Special Fire Brigade's, in-order to strengthen their chemistry divisions. Victor later tells Joker of becoming a member of Company 8, and that the timing of the appointment was perfect for the pair.

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Victor dives to the floor

Victor dives to the floor to spectate Shinra's feet.

After the battle for Asakusa, Company 8 return to find Captain Hibana and Sister Iris confronting a new Fire Soldier joining the group that Captain Akitaru is unaware of. This new member is Victor Licht and has been appointed the group's science officer.[13] After introducing himself to his Company, Shinra walks in the building, much to Victor's interest. He dashes to the floor and grabs Shinra's feet, questioning aloud where the Adora Burst is, but Hibana removes him from Shinra protectively. Victor is then asked what exactly is the Adora Burst, to which he goes on to explain how its history and potential. Shinra then asks Victor of Adora Link, to which he lies and says he has not heard of it, but is interested that Shinra knows of it. Akitaru and Hibana then question Licht on why he wanted to join Company 8, and as he explains his reasoning, leaving Akitaru unconvinced. As the 8th and Hibana discuss how they will confront Vulcan, Victor observes from a distance, simply intrigued by how they decide to confront Vulcan personally. He thinks to himself that maybe he can use Company 8 to achieve Joker's objective.

When the siege at Vulcan's Workshop and battle with the White Hood begins to turn against the Fire Force, Vulcan's Workshop erupts into flame, seemingly by Licht's timely intervention. Victor drives a truck carrying Iris, the unconscious Yū and Vulcan through the blaze and while the White Hoods are disoriented, Shinra climbs abroad carrying the wounded Arthur while Vulcan uses a crane to scoop up the injured Hibana.[14] Licht is briefly confronted by the Ash Flame Chivalric Order's leader, however, Licht's mysterious partner Joker arrives to protect the escaping Company 8.

Licht is later questioned by Hibana about his convenient and sudden arrival on battlefield. Victor privately notes she is unaware of his connection to Joker, while publicly brushing off her concerns. Hibana reassures him that she will make him suffer if he continues to be suspicious.[15]

While the allies of Company 8 gather, Licht is sent to Vulcan's Workshop to collect clues needed to find the location of the Chivalric Order's headquarters.[16] While collecting his samples, Licht meets with Joker. While he might be able to find their base, Licht notes that the White Hoods are still ahead as they managed to capture the Key to Amaterasu and the Joker raises concerns about Company 8's ability to match the Order. Joker leaves Licht to find a way of increasing Shinra's strength to the point the young devil could fight either Sho or Joker himself.

Shinra's training with the Captain of Company 7 is aided by Licht.[17] To develop a unique skill that takes advantage of Shinra's speed, Licht says can be achieved by condensing Shinra's flames in a single direction and blast. This concept is tested and successfully demonstrated by the composite Fire Captain and pushes Shinra into attempting it himself. Licht sits alongside Konro to watch the boy's progress. Company 7's Lieutenant questions Licht's loyalty to Haijima Industries and threatens the scientist if he ever turns on the 8th Company. When Shinra finally succeeds in using these compressed flames by using 'Art of Hand Signs', Licht is amazed by both his progress and that Joker was able to predict his growth.

Netherworld arc Edit

Licht presents his findings to his colleagues, having discovered that the Ash Order's hideout is located in the Nether. By examining evidence left behind by Giovanni and Infernal outbreaks, Licht pins the exact location as being close to Yotsuya. Despite not being suited for this type of operation, Licht dons his uniform for the first time and joins his allies in the field. As the 8th Company nervously enter the Nether, they are confronted by Princess Hibana, begging for help before being pulled screaming into the darkness. Akitaru quickly deduces that this was the work of Jonah and that this is not the real Hibana. Before the group can proceed, mist envelopes them and they are separated in the confusion. Licht is pulled away by a member of the White Hoods and Shinra gives chase.

After escaping the dentist part of the fog, Shinra sees that Licht is being held at knifepoint by the White Hood who dragged him away from Company 8. While the Devil is surrounded and ordered to surrender, Licht pushes Shinra to use his Tiger Gesture attack the Rapid, which allows Shinra to free Licht and defeat a White Hood so quickly the rest of their foes don't understand what happened. The pair discuss what to call this ability, with Licht suggesting 'The Rapid'. Later, after Shinra has defeated the rest of their opposition, the dark-haired duo move forwards.

VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 arc Edit

Fifth Pillar arc Edit

Victor and the rest of Company 8 rush to contain a mass Infernal outbreak, while also investigating the awakening of Fire Thief Inka, the mysterious 'Fifth Pillar'. While they manage to defeat several Infernals, Licht worries that they will not be able to contain the fires being started during their rampages. These fears are worsened by the arrival of a Demon Infernal and the White Hoods creating more artificial Infernals.

The tide once again turns in the Company's favour as the receives support from Company 1, Company 2 and Company 5. They manage to defeat the majority of the Infernals but are incapable of containing the spreading fires and are confronted by the Demon, which is too powerful to be destroyed or contained through normal means. However, observing the members of the Second Generation around him the fires around him: Licht creates a plan to resolve the situation. The Second Generation members of the Fire Force use their abilities and the winds flowing into the town centre to pull the city's fires into a single location, creating a Firestorm that Maki is able to control. Vulcan and Akitaru manage to force the Demon into the vortex and Hinawa fire a mortar shell into the storm. As Licht predicted, Hinawa is able to use the heat surrounding his attack to increase its power to the point it instantly destroys the Demon upon impact. Before Maki loses control of the Firestorm, Karim is able to freeze the storm instantly. Through Licht's plan the alliance is able to destroy their opponent and save the citizens in a single stroke. Company 8 are able to briefly relax, however the White Hoods manage to escape and Inka Kasugatani chooses to join them.

Chinese Peninsula arc Edit

Following the loss of the Fifth Piller, Victor speaks with Joker. The pair banter about the joint expedition to the Chinese Peninsula while Victor prepares for his journey. Licht is given the role of investigator and the team set sail to the Peninsula aboard the Toryū. Once the group reach dry land and begin traveling to the Tear in Space, Victor is the only one unaffected by the mysterious gas in the area as his gas mask protect him from its influence. The team are attacked by a giant worm creature and encounter a talking mole, Victor confirms these are as real and quickly adapts to talking directions from Schop, After defeating the Worm creature, the team rest for the evening before advancing. The next day Victor and the others arrive in the Oasis born from the Tear in Space.

Upon arrival, the group spot the structure identical to the Amaterasu of Tokyo. They travel towards the structure while Victor and Shinra dicuss the possible origins of the Shintai and the true power of the Adolla. An attack by Infernal Dogs cause Victor, Ogun and Shinra to climb up a tree to escape danger and allow Arthur to slay the attackers. When a voice from the Shintai calls to Shinra through the Adolla Link, Licht wonders if an object could form a Link with a human. The team encounter an Infernal and Victor falls into a rope and spike trap. Only surviving through Pan's protection.

After the fighters destroy the group of Infernals, Victor is horrified to learn that a Demon Infernal is behind the troubles of the Oasis. Claiming that they don't have the power to destroy it and that power would destroy the Oasis as well. In spite of this, the group decide to advance. Victor, Pan, Beauty and Arthur enter the Shintai and begin their investigation.

While exploring the darkness, the door slams shut behind them and forces them to keep exploring instead of aiding the other against Tempeh and his followers. Investigating a series of stone tablets with numbers cut into them and the walls, Arthur tells Victor that they are the sequence of pi. Rather than trust Arthur's eccentric intelligence, Victor photographs the evidence for later examination and they move deeper inside the structure. A rumbling, pulsing sound beats from the very heart of the Shintai, much to Victor's confusion. Studying the ceremonial items around them: Licht concludes that both the Shintai and Amaterasu are fuelled by human sacrifice and that Shinra is linked to whatever is inside Shintai.

Hearing the large explosion, Victor's team rush out to find that Shinra has defeated Tempeh. Shinra thanks the Woman in Black for her aid, they disscuss the idea that the Eight Pillars are meant to be sacrificed to the Preacher's ambitions. Returning home, Victor investigates the connection between the Shintai and pi. Believing that the country will not change on its own and the government will hide any shameful secrets: Licht decides to make his move.[18]

Haijima Industries arc Edit

At Haijima Industries Paper Making Factory, Victor runs into Hibana while on his way to a meeting with Haijima Industries' president, during which she questioned his Chinese Peninsula report about a look-alike Amaterasu. Afterwards, he meet Gureo Haijima, where he is reminded that his job is to investigate Comapny 8, and gave Victor the job of bringing Shinra into the companies lab.

Trivia Edit

  • Victor bears a resemblance to Franken Stein, a character from Atsushi Ōkubo's previous work Soul Eater: both characters are both mad scientists who wear a lab coat, and their names allude to the character Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.
  • Despite first appearing in Chapter 4, Licht is not named until Chapter 51.

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