Victor Licht Edit
Character Info
Kanji ヴィクトル・リヒト
Romaji Vuikutoru Rihito
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Heavy Industries
8th Special Fire Brigade
Occupation Scientist
Manga The Sinister Blasphemer

Victor Licht (ヴィクトル・リヒト, Vuikutoru Rihito) was formerly the head of incendiary research at Haijima Industries, and the scientist of Special Fire Force Company 8.

Appearance Edit

Victor Licht's appearance

Victor's appearance.

Victor is a young man with a large, dark-colored curly afro, and drowsy, dark, large eyes. He dons a long white lab coat, with a black and white horizontally-striped vest underneath, black trousers and white shoes.

Personality Edit

Victor is said to be a mad scientist, and is a self-described weirdo.[1][2]. He is interested in the matters of the Special Fire Forces, as he personally looked into Akitaru Ōbi's life before he became a Fire Soldier and attended the Rookie Fire Soldier Games as a spectator. As a scientist, Victor is deeply interested in the Adora Burst, going as far as crawling on the floor and grabbing Shinra Kusakabe's feet to get a closer look. Though somewhat creepy, he seems to be an intelligent, meticulous and curious man. He is viewed by many characters as being incredibly suspicious.

Abilities Edit

Licht seemingly lacks any ignition abilities. However he is incredibly intelligent, showcasing tremendous knowledge of chemistry as he is capable of creating an explosive from Infernal Remains. He was also able provide an escape route for Joker during the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, showing a level of careful planning and forethought from Licht.

Background Edit

Victor attended the Imperial University of Tokyo, and graduated in record time after being the top of his class. He later joined Haijima Heavy Industries, where he locked himself away while doing research, and was eventually appointed head of incendiary research.[3]

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Joker Receives Powder

Joker collecting the Powder Medicine from Victor.

Victor provides Joker with jars of explosive substance, which is later used to disrupt and intimidate the Special Fire Force Company 8 in the Iriya District. Later on, he spectates the Rookie Fire Soldier Games in the stands, alongside other important guests. The following day, Victor and Joker have a discussion about the events of the tournament and research on Special Fire Force Company 8.

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

During a meeting of all the Special Fire Force Battalion Commanders and Raffles III, Victor ask Joker if he can hear the conference. Following the meeting, the Tokyo empire orders Haijima Heavy Industries scientists to join Special Fire Brigade's, in-order to strengthen their chemistry divisions. Victor later tells Joker of becoming a member of Company 8, and that the timing of the appointment was perfect for the pair.

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Victor dives to the floor

Victor dives to the floor to spectate Shinra's feet.

After introducing himself to his Company, Shinra walks in the building, much to Victor's interest. He dashes to the floor and grabs Shinra's feet, questioning aloud where the Adora Burst is, but Hibana removes him from Shinra protectively. Victor is then asked what exactly is the Adora Burst, to which he goes on to explain how its history and potential. Shinra then asks Victor of Adora Link, to which he lies and says he has not heard of it, but is interested that Shinra knows of it. Akitaru and Hibana then question Licht on why he wanted to join Company 8, and as he explains his reasoning, leaving Akitaru unconvinced. As the 8th and Hibana discuss how they will confront Vulcan, Victor observes from a distance, simply intrigued by how they decide to confront Vulcan personally. He thinks to himself that maybe he can use Company 8 to achieve Joker's objective.

Trivia Edit

  • Victor bears a resemblance to Franken Stein, a character from Atsushi Ōkubo's previous work Soul Eater: both characters are both mad scientists who wear a lab coat, and their names allude to the character Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.
  • Despite first appearing in Chapter 4, Licht is not named until Chapter 51.

References Edit

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