Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Kanji 灰焔騎士団
Rōmaji Kaien Kishidan
Professional Status
Affiliation Preacher
Status Active
Manga Scorching Malice

The Ash Flame Chivalric Order (灰焔騎士団, Kaien Kishidan), publicly called the White Hoods (白頭巾, Shiro Zukin), is a cult under the guidance of the Preacher, creating artificial Infernals, and seeking the Adora Burst.

Appearance Edit

The White Hoods have two different uniforms. The most common among them, is a white burqa-type mask that conceals their face, a large white cape with the cross of the Sol God symbol, as well as a white shoulder-guard, a dark jumper with the same cross-insignia on it, white gloves, a jagged belt around their waist that holds up their white trousers that have a thick dark line going across the thigh area, and seemingly go all the way down to their feet, covering them. Some members of the group instead don a white cloak that covers their shoulders and has a hood.

History Edit

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

One of the White Hoods appears overlooking the scene of Shinra Kusakabe and Rekka Hoshimiya's fight, along with a comrade on a rooftop. Following Rekka's capture, the archer takes aim at him with his Ignition Ability, and fires an arrow at Rekka's chest, killing him in the process. Turning their attention towards the other Fire Officers, the person attempts to impale Karim Fulham, but manages to sever Foien Li's arm instead. Unable to visually locate the Fire Officers, and having their position exposed, the two retreat, having accomplished their objective, commenting that the "Nativity Flame Festival" has begun throughout Tokyo.

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

The Ash Flame Chivalric Order appeared along with Shō Kusakabe in their secret headquarters.

Asakusa arc Edit

After discovering the Special Fire Force Company 8 are visiting the 7th in Asakusa, the White Hoods prepared to attack them and cause disruption like they did two years ago in Asakusa. Unknowingly to the 8th and 7th, Jonah of the White Hoods used his Ignition Ability to fool both brigades and cause a fight between them. Later, once Arrow set the Bugs loose in the district, countless people became artificial Infernals and the citizens were fighting amongst themselves, being tricked by Jonah's ability to change the appearance of people. Arrow and Haran were confronted by Shinra and Arthur, and the two teams fought, resulting in Haran choosing to become a Demon Infernal himself. As Shinra and Arthur struggled against such a foe, Benimaru stepped in, and finally defeated him. Arrow and Haran returned to their base to inform their leader of Haran's death, and a "demon within the 8th" acquiring the Adora Burst and Adora Link, with Shō stating that he will go on the attack next time.

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

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