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Character Info
Kanji ユウ
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Manga The Hero and the Princess

(ユウ, ) is a young boy who voluntarily works for Vulcan.

Appearance Edit

Plaster kid

Yū's appearance.

Yū is a young boy with long black hair that parts in the middle, leaving long bangs on both sides of his face, and one strand of hair sticking up in the middle of his head. He also has a braided ponytail with a white ribbon in it. He has light eyes, and wears two plasters that cross each other on his forehead. He wears a black jacket with light buttons, cross insignia on the collar, black trousers and black shoes. He's also usually seen carrying a large rucksack.

Under the jacket, Yū dons a black sleeveless shirt with three white horizontal stripes on the torso, as well as white outlines across the collar and down the middle.

Personality Edit

Yū is a very kind and responsible boy. Yū displayed courage when the 5th teamed up on Shinra by defending him. He is very interested in mechanics and tinkering with machines, and being inspired by Vulcan's ability, voluntarily works for him. Yū is so determined to learn that he scavenges for materials for Vulcan since no companies will supply him with any.

Plot Edit

VS. 5th Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Post-Asakusa arc Edit

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